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Concrete Restoration

Concrete has existed as the lifeblood of construction for centuries – it is abundant, easy to produce and uniquely strong. Unfortunately, concrete is not indestructible. Its surface can slowly weaken from the effects of weather, water and time itself. Preventing elemental damage to concrete—or restoring it correctly when deterioration has occurred—is paramount to the longevity of buildings, balconies and plaza decks.

Despite its physical resilience, concrete is a notably porous material. Moisture and other harsh chemicals can penetrate concrete materials and damage its surface if left unprotected and unsealed leading to possible structural failure. The cause of an existing problem must be properly identified before any restorative work can begin.

Destructive Testing

Destructive testing or invasive testing is an investigative process whereby a property’s components are taken apart, cut into or removed to assess damage caused by defective construction, such as removal of roofing components (roof tiles, roofing felt, sheathing), removal of stucco, coring concrete slabs, removal of windows, or water spray testing to investigate water intrusion problems due to defective construction.


Mellick Construction is a top provider for painting and waterproofing in Florida. The process begins with a complete evaluation of existing coatings and sealants, as well as conditions of the building that may affect coatings performance. A cursory report, scope of work, and specification proposal will be provided.

General scope of work for a project is:

  • Pressure wash to remove surface contaminants

  • Application of surface-conditioner and primers

  • Repair of cracks and installation of sealants

  • Application of premium grade acrylic latex paints and/or elastomeric coatings

  • Application of waterproofing coatings systems to the floors of walkways

Educational Services

Courses, classes and other educational services

Mellick Construction proudly offers Florida DBPR approved and CAM continuing education courses. These courses are for registered participants only and more information can be found by calling our offices.

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Specialty Services

Offering an impressive catalog of services.

The Mellick Construction team works in conjunction with design professionals who evaluate the structural makeup of the building to detect any weaknesses. We start by taking a precise cutout of a specific area of the building to help design professionals evaluate the building layers.

Concrete Restoration
Destructive Testing
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