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Factors That Affect Long-Term Commercial Roof Performance

Commercial roofs tend to last longer than their residential counterparts, but the factors that affect their long-term serviceability are the same. As such, even the sturdiest commercial roofs will start to fail if they are affected by certain factors. Keep reading to find out what these factors are and how they affect the long-term performance of your commercial roof.


Roof Installation

How the roof is installed is the biggest factor that will affect the roof’s performance, either positively or negatively. Many of the common roofing problems, such as leaks and poor ventilation, can all trace their source to improper installation. This risk is why it’s always smart to work with a professional roof contractor, especially if you’re planning to install a new roof.

The Roof Design

The design of the roof also affects how well the roof can actually stand up to the elements. Flat and low-slope roofs are popular in commercial properties, but this design makes the roof vulnerable to water damage since rainwater will usually pool on the surface instead of sliding off it.

Our preventive commercial flat roof repair is the solution to this problem. We’ll do preventive maintenance to ensure that your flat roofing system is as resilient and durable as possible. We’ll also make sure that your commercial roof has all the necessary water channels to prevent water from pooling.

Roofing Materials

The material for your commercial roof can also affect its long-term serviceability, which is why it’s imperative that you pick high-quality roofing materials for your property. At Universal Roof and Contracting, we carry a range of top-quality roofs from several roofing manufacturers. Take advantage of our build-out services, and we’ll handle the planning, design and construction needs of your commercial property.

Contact Mellick Construction at (888) 671-8631 or visit us online to request an estimate for your replacement roof today.


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