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3 Reasons Commercial Buildings Use Flat Roofs

Commercial buildings stand out because they have flat roofs, but there are practical reasons they use this design. Many properties benefit from the low slope. Here at Mellick Construction, your trusted commercial contractor, we’ve got three reasons most commercial property owners prefer this design.


1. Additional Space

A flat roof basically acts like another floor. This makes for additional space, ideal for adding more items or equipment. Some flat roofs have gardens while others have solar panels. Typically, commercial properties use it for outdoor air conditioning units. They can also use it to store equipment, such as ladders or power washers.

2. Cost-Effective

In terms of costs, flat roofs are the best option for commercial buildings. This is because steep-slow roofs require more protective measures and tools. For example, you need to add framing to the existing roof. With a flat roof, you can simply install it without an additional structure. It’s also less expensive to get commercial flat roof repair and replacement.

3. Practical Option

Practicality is important for commercial buildings. Whether it’s a warehouse or an office space, commercial buildings are just really bigger. That makes sloped roofs more expensive and impractical, especially since some states have a height requirement for buildings. With flat roofs, properties can enjoy affordable protection. They are also easier for contractors to inspect. Unlike a sloped roof, they can easily walk around a flat roof and fix problem areas.

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