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During hurricane Irma, a portion of the skylights were torn off the building over the entrance.  Instead of replacing the skylights, a metal roof system was installed to repair the damage and also extended along the entire length of the existing skylights.


Five metal beams were welded into place over the hole where the skylights were torn out as a support system for the layers of metal and iso, which also extended onto the skylights that were still in place.  Corrugated metal was then installed over the beams and skylights, along with a layer of foam iso board. A water proofing layer installed on top of the iso created a barrier against water leaks for the final layer, which is the white metal roof system.  Underneath the beam installation, metal soffit was placed to give it the final look.

Our company has a long history of general contracting work here in Florida including roofing, siding, interior and exterior renovations, building restoration, and much more.  As a result, our organization has become a full service general contractor performing repairs, restoration and development for commercial, civil, and multifamily properties.

Mellick Construction’s technicians are experts in commercial building constructions and renovations. Most of all, we’ll go directly to work for you and remain at your side from the initial meeting until the project is complete. Throughout the project duration we’ll work to ensure the highest level of professional results–ultimately providing you a remarkable space that you can truly be proud of.

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We believe in passionately improving the places we gather while setting the standard on every project.

A multifamily project has to be versatile, it has to solve a problem, and (for renters or owners) it must be financially viable. Mellick Construction has extensive experience developing multifamily projects that check all of those boxes, culminating in a beneficial result for all parties.

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